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Forums > Breeding > Palominos, Cremellos and Chestnuts. Chance of getting Your preffered colour
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  • Ok a little biology here, Chestnuts and Cremellos Have full colours.

    • If you want to get a palomino, Breed a chestnut coloured horse (as a base colour)with a cremello. (this is because of incomplete dominace of the genes)Definite Chance of palomino.

    • When you cross two palominos you may not get a palomino. 50% chance palomino, 25%chestnut and 25%cremello

    • Palomino with chestnut base coloured horse it is 50% chance for each colour. This is the same with cremello and palomino.

    • Note: Palomino is not a breed. Just a colour :)

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